Shooting on Location with Political Candidates for Authenticity

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As can be seen on the national stage daily, constituents are craving a real deal candidate like never before.

If you have a candidate willing to commit being their authentic self, shooting on location can translate that message better than any tightly scripted in-studio dialogue.

For example, while many presume Marin County, CA to be the home of mostly One Percenters, it is decidedly diverse with a myriad of issues. And the 4th Supervisorial District trumps the rest with rural farm and beach towns, upscale suburban homeowners and renters, and ethnically diverse pockets. Small businesses from generational dairies to auto viagra best buy repair shops are impacted by commerce regulation and balance between scores of factions always at the front.

Our client made it clear he wanted to announce his candidacy being true to himself, his lifestyle and his commitment to the community he serves. It made it very easy to do our job.