With absolutely no thought to the documentary film I was producing on healthy aging, I recently went to see a Hollywood Vampires concert. Senior citizen Alice Cooper went all out from the first note. Guitar icon and senior citizen Joe Perry, who had just passed out at a concert a few days earlier, left that situation far behind as he dazzled with song after song honoring the music of rock stars who died from excess in the 70’s. Youngster Johnny Depp had not a pang of a nasty divorce aura as he valiantly kept up with his mentors while his guitars did anything but gently weep.

I got to thinking about all this aging stuff I had been researching; all the experts and authors I talked to in so many areas – scientific, spiritual, social, economic – for over a year.

And I drew still another significant conclusion. Drum roll. It’s great to have choices as we age.

Some seniors happily retire, travel and play bocce.

Some seniors happily travel and entertain as rock stars.

Some seniors like me travel and produce shows viewers can enjoy. Visit the website if you’d like more details.

Attitude rules in the world of healthy aging.