One of the most annoying and persistent problems in filming a political candidate or run-and-gun documentary film is getting good sound in offices, large rooms or auditoriums, where there can be a distracting echo or reverb in the final product.

The standard answer to this perennial problem was to live with the results or re-record, which is seldom an option in a fast paced, often one take filming situation and/or with budget constraints.

Until now.

We have discovered a low cost filter for postproduction editing called EchoRemover, by a maker of video filters, CrumplePop. This simple to use filter which is compatible with Apple’s Final Cut Pro X or Adobe’s Premiere Pro, makes it a snap to remove the nasty echo found in these situations.

Below is a before and after demonstration of a clip where one can hear echo and it’s removal by the EchoRemover filter.

Please note, we have no commercial involvement with this company and pass this info on only as a cost-effective tool.